Finish off your outdoor space with decorative outdoor lighting. These are perfect for brightening up the space, and also allowing you to enjoy outdoor living long after the sun has gone down. Choose from our illuminating pieces such as lanterns, floor lamps, cube lights, candle holders and more. Cosh Living outdoor lighting will help you set the mood and enjoy the night outdoors by providing a subtle glow over dinner.

Our products are great for general illumination, bringing mood lighting, as well as drawing attention and interest to the space. Mood-setting lanterns and lighting pieces, along with comfy outdoor furniture, will make your backyard the best spot in the house.

Outdoor Lighting:

Outdoor lighting will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living area long after the sun has gone down. Choosing the right lights can bring warmth, cosiness and ambience to an otherwise dull space in the dark.

Floor lanterns will add a magical glow to your outdoor space, and draw the eye down to see any beautiful pots, succulents or plants you have been growing. Feature lighting can also help create guided pathways on the lawn or down gravel paths. They are easy to maintain and easy to move around which make them very versatile.

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